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Feature Wall is a simple and easy to use product. Manufactured in china, we offer high-quality and fashionable products for any home project. Whether you are building a house, making renovations, or simply just upgrading a wall, our patterns bring depth and life to any room.

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Easy DIY Installation


Plan the design

Our product can be used to create patterns and looks for every kind of environment. With the ability to interchange swatches and colours, you can create patterns to suit the atmosphere of any room.


Do the install

We offer swatches in a variety of sizes and materials, making installation easy for any surface. Just measure the area, apply glue and stick the panels to the wall. Minimal tools are required.


Admire the work

Once complete, sit back and admire your design for years to come. All of our products are durable and long-lasting with a three year warranty, so we have you covered for any defects and depletion.